naturalNatural refrigerants are an unexplored subject in the cooling world. According to our recent research on behalf of your St Louis Cooling sales near O’Fallon, we have many reasons to further explore their impact on the environment and energy efficiency, as well as ozone damage, etc, based on compressor choices and options available in the cooling industry.

“While natural refrigerants are already a reality in commercial refrigeration, the home appliance industry has lagged behind in adoption.”  We have already explored oil free compressors, now the natural ones are up next for discussion. The United States has lagged behind Asia, Europe and Latin America in providing consumers with natural refrigerant options, according to our research on behalf of your St Louis Cooling Sales and Service near O’Fallon MO. “This is starting to change as end users, particularly in states with strict energy regulations and high levels of environmental awareness, are starting to demand natural refrigeration solutions.”

How does the EPA play a role here in the United States? “There is also increasing pressure from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE) on manufacturers to find refrigeration solutions that do not depend on fluorinated gases (F-gases).” Another encountered source, The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM), recently published an open letter announcing intentions to phase out the R134a refrigerant by 2024 while the EPA announced that a ban on this refrigerant could happen as early as 2021. R290 will be the natural refrigerant used in cooling with many compressors in St Louis MO near O’Fallon and it has zero ozone depletion potential so has much gain.