cooling technologies in MOAmerican Services cooling repair in MO is pleased to announce a new program from the Building Technologies Office to advance technologies in commercial facilities. These new and exciting updates will be available on the marketplace in 5 years or less.

The Building Technologies Office’s Emerging Technologies Program works to achieve cost effective energy savings for commercial and residential buildings.

Approximately six million dollars was awarded for 9 different projects related to energy efficiency involving building insulation, windows, air conditioning and heat pump technologies.

As more affordable technologies are developed, commercial building owners and home owners will have more options than ever for reducing costs for heating and cooling buildings.

The Building Technologies Office’s Emerging Technologies Program supports projects that involve the highest potential for savings.

The initiative has partnered with national laboratories, industries and universities for projects that will release new technologies in 5 years or less.

Four of these projects include;

Acoustic Technology for Measuring Air infiltration- also called air leakage which is the introduction of outside air into the building through doors and cracks accounting for thirty percent of the total heating load for commercial buildings.  This technology goes beyond sealing to develop technologies that will measure air infiltration in large commercial spaces.

Cleaner and Safer Heat Pumps- a heat pump provides both heating and cooling functions and small amounts of energy are distributed through its delivery system which transfers heat and can be reversed for cooling. These pumps are highly efficient. The new initiative is working to develop a new refrigerant in place of hydroflurocarbons which are damaging to the environment, which are safer for the environment.

Energy Efficient Window Films-an initiative to develop new window insulation is being conducted by the Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory which uses vacuum insulation materials.  This technology combines low thermal emissivity coated plastic film to increase efficiency of current window technologies by as much as eight percent.