What is one of the most neglected equipment in many commercial businesses? Cooling towers are, and it’s quite surprising because they are very important to your HVAC system.  Most people do not fully understand the cooling tower’s important role, but they do when they go down.  Keeping them running at peak performance levels is your Bridgeton Cooling team’s ultimate goal.

The type of tower that is installed and our environment here in the Midwest will determine some of the issues that may need to be addressed to keep the cooling tower running efficiently.  Also needed to take in to consideration are a number of issues common to most towers which includes motor management, water levels, and contamination.

One thing that causes a lot of issues is that cooling towers are installed outdoors and are subject to environmental changes.  Temperature changes (we get a lot of that here) wind, rain, ice, dust, dirt, and other organic contamination are just some the things that your cooling tower is subjected to.  This is a major component in your HVAC system that helps with providing comfortable temperature levels in your business. Cooling towers are a big factor in energy use.  If it is not operating correctly, it could lead to a total system shut down.

One of the biggest components of your cooling tower is the fan.  It is a major user of electricity.  It’s also pretty noisy.  Most towers have a single or two speed motor.  When these fans are not needed as much due to temp changes, the fans may continue to operate at a speed that may not be right for that load.  This is costing you money through energy loss.

Luckily advancements in technology lately have helped to improve motor efficiency.  The government is also involved and making new energy standards that all manufactures must meet.  By having your old motor replaced by one of these new high efficiency motors, this will reduce the energy used for that motor by up to 10%.  Energy saving can be significant once you take into annual operating costs.