cooling repair in ILOne of the most important topics today in the commercial refrigeration and cooling industry is green energy.  The search for ways to produce and manage energy more efficiently continues to grow. Recent advances in technology have resulted in an innovative way to utilize energy wisely through the use of off peak cooling systems. Off-peak cooling is extremely beneficial as it uses energy at night when the demand is low. A good example is air conditioning which demands large volumes of energy. Diverting some of that energy and cooling your commercial facility in the evening and night hours will reduce the pull off the energy grid at peak demand times during the day.

This redistribution process channels the demand for energy and helps lessen occurrences of brown-out or blackout events. Another benefit is to take advantage of lower energy rates during off peak times. Another advantage to off-peak cooling systems are they not only shift the demand for power to a different time of day, they maintain a much more stable cooling environment.

This stable environment can provide the same cooling capacity with less energy consumption. Energy companies have to meet the demands for energy during peak periods; they accomplish this by bringing less efficient dirtier plants online. These same companies purchase energy from other power plants on the grid at premium prices, care to guess who these charges are passed along to? They continue to expand their facilities when they can’t meet current demand, making the energy grid more efficient by distributing the demand for energy and reducing energy consumption using off peak cooling systems.

These Green Energy technologies help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, an slows down the need for the construction of more energy plants.

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