advantageThere exist a variety of subjects with cooling at the center.  Besides HVAC, Refrigeration is the next biggest related category and within that, we have much to research and discuss regarding compressors, more specifically still, the efficiency and ability of one compressor to the next in the St Louis Cooling Sales and Service near St Peters MO.  Oil free compressors are today’s focus.

Labeled as a breakthrough technology, oil free compressors are truly capable of revolutionizing residential refrigeration for the household market. According to facts gathered on behalf of your St Louis Cooling Repair near St Peters, “This technology, which has been available for households since 2014, expands the possibilities of appliance and kitchen design. Because it does not use oil, it is smaller and provides the manufacturer with more freedom in terms of where within the unit the compressor is installed.” This flexibility is a big factor in cooling since it not only provides appliance designers flexibility in how the equipment is configured but can also help save valuable real estate in the home kitchen where things already tend to be tight for many.

Cooing experts report that the home sector’s first oil-free compressor uses no oil due to a special surface coating and a single bearing lubricated by the refrigerant gas itself. Running on a wider range of capacity modulations instead of switching on and off, it is able to result in minimum temperature variation and better food preservation, according to all we read on behalf of your St Louis Cooling Sales near St Peters MO.  Described by professionals in the industry as compact, flexible, quiet, energy efficient and over 90% recyclable, the oil-free compressor is poised to transform home refrigeration without a doubt.