noisesMy cooling system is still making noises that I don’t understand.  Should I be worried?  We have been on the topic of heating and cooling noises made by your HVAC system in St Louis MO near Afton for some time now.  And, we know that some are harmful and legitimately concerning while others can be dismissed.  “Popping sounds when you turn your system on and off you can breathe a sigh of relief.” The popping sound is due to your metal ductwork expanding and isn’t a problem whatsoever, according to your St Louis heating and cooling repair near Afton MO.  “For elimination of the sound, insulation such as foam or rubber can help limit the noise.”

There exist other sounds emitted by your Cooling system in St Louis that can be of greater concern, such as the thumping and clacking we discussed in a previous post.  When you hear such things, be sure to call your heating and cooling installation specialists near Afton for a complete HVAC work up.  Other sounds will be covered in posts to follow on behalf of your St Louis cooling installation and repair.  For now, let’s move onto rattling.  Rattling sounds usually indicate loose debris blowing around within your heating and cooling system in St Louis near Afton.  This, as harmless as it may seem, can be a big problem if left unchecked.  “Even something as small as a loose screw rattling about could lead to significant issues down the line. If the debris is larger in size, the rattling noise may sound more like a scraping noise, which is also not to be ignored.”

There is a level of DIY here, if you can pinpoint the location of the rattling, unscrew the vent and see if you can remove the debris. If not, contact a professional to locate and extract the debris as soon as possible, so as to protect your heating and cooling system in St Louis from potential permanent damage.