cooling repair in MOAmerican Services Heating and Cooling Systems in Fenton knows that today’s commercial cooling systems are designed to be energy efficient and nearly maintenance free.

  • In order to be installed in a commercial building, a cooling system must meet certain expectations and requirements. The contractor for commercial cooling systems must consider the following:
    Appearance, though not a major component in the technical aspect, it remains important in the way a cooling system flows with the commercial building.  In other words all the ductwork being visible in the ceiling requires the cooling system be installed properly.
  • Health-the commercial cooling system must ensure the protection and elimination of any dust, air or potential allergens found inside the building. This can protect the contractor from liability issues down the road.  A commercial cooling system that operates clean and quietly.
  • Flexibility-Increasingly, customers are choosing commercial cooling systems that can be designed and adapted to energy efficient sources. For example, a solar source as an alternate energy efficient source might be considered.
  • Energy Efficiency- the most important aspect in the commercial cooling system installation process. Many industry experts agree the shift to integrate water for the making of such cooling systems is the most efficient system designed today. This is based on waters high capacity to transport energy, which is far superior when compared to air.

    Considerations for the consumer:
    – Superior climate control one that is energy efficient, will keep your organization’s cost low
    – Commercial cooling system options, single or modular units, roof or ground mounted.
    -HAVC considerations, this system ties heating, air conditioning, and ventilation all into one system.
    – Installation, spare no expense when selecting your commercial cooling system installation contractor. Following this process will insure an energy efficient, clean, and environmentally green system.