cooling maintenance in Saint LouisAmerican Services Heating and Cooling installation near Overland is committed to keeping its loyal customers updated on the latest in HVAC safety.

Installers of rooftop units say it’s more important than ever to follow safety rules for rooftop units.

Safety involves all workers at the job site according to one contractor who states; “An overlooked safety issue is not always by the contractor, but from innocent pedestrians that may be shopping or working at the place where the RTU is being changed,” he said.

“You always have to barricade off the area around the crane or jobsite. We had people deliberately move and walk under the caution tape to get to their car at a Wal-Mart project last year. You have to prepare for everything when lifting RTUs in public places.”

“Another thing I always tell my guys is that the crane operator is not an automated robot, he is a human capable of error. If he makes one wrong move, it could cost you your life. You must always be alert when there are 2,500 pounds above your head!”

For companies such as American Services, servicing heating and cooling units on the rooftop is considered safe because all of our technicians have had extensive safety training.  Safety is not only important to protect our employees it is also key to saving on operational costs-for the most part insurance expenses.

One contractor states; “Our insurance and workers compensation can get expensive when guys are not working due to injury. Most building owners now want to see that you have a safety policy in place.”  “All of our employees have been through our safety program we provide and all hold a full manual in their possession at all times for reference.”

Safety training is common sense, one technical director, said: “You have to look at all things associated with the piece of equipment, i.e., operating pressures, refrigerants used, coil cleaning materials necessary, etc. Ensure that the service truck has a first aid kit and working fire extinguisher.”

“Look twice and anticipate your next move. Your hands and feet must be in tune with your brain.”