commercial cooling service in MOAmerican Services heating and cooling services in Saint Louis MO knows that one of the best ways to insure energy efficient refrigeration performance is knowing when maintenance  issues are minor or major.  Hiring a certified cooling and refrigeration technician yearly to inspect your system can teach you a lot.

One way to save on energy costs is to purchase strip curtains for walk-in units to minimize the amount of hot air entering the cooler .Do not allow staff to leave cooler doors propped open for extended periods of time, this causes condensers to work much harder than normal.  In some instances a simple “Keep Door Closed” sign can be part of the easy solutions performed by the owner or staff saving additional energy costs on utility expenditures.

Another common infraction that can be an easy solution to fix is to remind employees to turn off the lights when they exit the walk-in. Not only do the bulbs waste energy when the cooler is empty, the lighting also produces heat which causes the condenser to work harder to maintain a cool temperature. In addition, try replacing regular bulbs with fluorescent bulbs in the cooler. They give off less heat and are more energy efficient and less likely thaw products in the walk-in refrigerator.

Train all managers not to set the holding temperature too low on units because that will overwork the equipment. Walk-in coolers should be kept between 35 and 40 degrees and freezers between -5 and 5 degrees. Inspect periodcally and make sure all cracks are properly sealed and replace worn gaskets. Do not stack anything around the coil; this restricts airflow and decreases the performance of your cooler and decreases condenser longevity.

Set defrost frequency at minimum requirements (every four to six hours for 20 to 40 minutes depending on the amount of traffic in your walk-in).

With a little direction, your staff can play a contributing role in properly maintaining refrigeration equipment. These simple preventative measures can save restaurant owners a great deal of money in energy and repair bills, a help to avoid costly breakdowns.