cooling HVAC in MOWhen it comes time to deciding how to cool down a large space, there are several options to consider.  Gone are the days when you just bought the largest HVAC system you could find and hoped that it did the job, now you have everything from misting fans to portable cooling units that can be focused on your high heat areas. 

One possible solution is to install an evaporative cooling system.  The principle behind this is that a large high velocity fan is installed and uses evaporated water to cool the air down, by as much as 15 degrees Fahrenheit.  This process is far cheaper than using a HVAC system by itself, which uses a large amount of energy and coolant to cool the air as it comes out of the ducts.  Now of course the evaporative cooling system won’t necessarily replace HVAC in some climates, but it can be a nice supplemental system to reduce operating costs.  In addition, for climates where the air is dry, you get the added benefit of adding humidity to the air, which is good for the workers overall.  These systems are also fairly simple to install and can be reconfigured as the demand arises.

Another option to help mitigate cooling costs is to install industrial ceiling fans.  Much like the fans you would install at home, only sized for larger environments.  These fans have massive blades that are specifically engineered to move great quantities of air, in order to improve circulation in a building.  The fans are also designed to run at low speed, which means they can still push large volumes of air, but use a small amount of energy and minimal force that translates to less wear and tear on the motor.  The fans can also be used in both summertime and wintertime by effectively moving either cool or heated air and saving both heating and cooling costs.

A final possibility for cooling a large warehouse of factory environment is to utilize portable systems.  This can be anything from a portable AC unit to cool down an office to a fan that is used in specific heat generating areas.  Manufacturers do make portable evaporative cooling fans that come in a variety of sizes and powers to adapt to almost any environment.  And of course as the needs change in the environment these fans can be wheeled around to where they are needed most.

Supplemental cooling systems are a great way to minimize costs and help insure that your employees are working in a comfortable environment.  Not only they will work well for your bottom line, but should increase production as well.  With that in mind, supplemental cooling systems provide a great investment, and a nice return on your money.

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