industrial chillers in MOAmerican Services industrial cooling equipment repair in Saint Louis knows that whether you are in the plastics, metal working, chemical processing or other industry you may currently utilize or might be seeking to integrate industrial cooling chillers into your operation. 

Perhaps you are an expert or just wanting to get some basic information on chillers.  Either way, new technology with chillers is quite exciting and can assist in increasing production of your industry.

Chillers for industrial applications will typically be centralized, where one chiller may serve multiple cooling needs.  Some industries do require the chillers to be decentralized, giving each application its own cooling capability.  However, it is not uncommon to see a combination of systems.

The key component in industrial cooling chillers is the vapor compression chiller technology.  There are four basic types of compressors used in vapor compression chillers; reciprocating compression, scroll compression, screw-driven compression, and centrifugal compression.  Depending on your application, these compressors can be powered by electric motors, steam, or gas turbines.

Most industrial chillers are closed-loop systems.  These type of systems will circulate coolant or clean water with additives at a constant temperature and pressure all within pipes and sealed tanks.  The water flows from the chiller to the application and then back to the chiller.  Some industries will utilize open-loop systems.  In this type of system, there is an open tank where the liquid is constantly circulating.  Liquid is pulled from the tank and pumped through the system.  A thermostat adjusts the temperature of the liquid cycling process to ensure the tank temperature is set properly.

When selecting a system it is essential to consult with a professional that can properly assess your application and make recommendations based upon your operation.