Cooling Repair Near South CountyLearning how to troubleshoot common issues that may occur with your commercial cooling system is a must for all business owners.  This skill will allow you to quickly assess what kind of attention needs to be given to the situation and can even save you money.  Today, the South County area commercial cooling experts at American Services present a few tips and tricks that will allow you to properly troubleshoot some of the most common AC-related issues.

ISSUE #1 – You notice your cooling system isn’t cooling as efficiently as it used to.  In fact, your bills have gone up although the outside temps have been consistent.  What should you do?  If you are experiencing these symptoms, the most common cause is debris build-up around your AC unit.  Debris restricts airflow and causes your unit to work harder to cool your building.  This results in higher cooling costs, along with unnecessary wear and tear to your unit.  To relieve the issue, simply clear any debris that you discover around the unit. This easy task should provide an immediate difference in the efficiency of your unit.

ISSUE #2 – You notice frost build-up on your condenser coils located on the outdoor air handler.  This doesn’t seem right, as you’ve never noticed the build-up before.  What should you do?  The first thing you should do is turn your unit off for a couple of hours so that the coils may thaw.  Once they have thawed, turn the unit back on and feel the coils. Are they cold?  If not, you may have a coolant problem that requires the attention of a trained technician.

Having a basic understanding of your cooling unit is a great way to save yourself time and money!  We hope you have found these tips useful and encourage you to continue learning about how to properly care for and maintain your AC unit!