industrial cooling chillers in  PAAmerican Services industrial cooling equipment installation knows that whether you’re cooling a home or a commercial sized building, not only can it be expensive, but there are environmental costs as well.  One way to help mitigate both of these “expenses” is to employ an absorption cooler into your overall cooling design.

The absorption cooler is not only an energy efficient and effective piece of equipment, but its environmental impact is also minimized.  The basic principle behind absorption coolers, which also makes them efficient, is that they use heat as their energy source rather than electricity.  This heat source can be fed to the absorption cooler through a variety of methods including; propane, solar power and even a geothermal heat source.  Of course the solar and geothermal sources offer the least environmental impact, but there are options if those don’t work for your particular application.

Absorption coolers operate on a basic thermo-chemical principal that uses a refrigerant and an absorbent.  Many absorption cooler systems use a lithium bromide solution as the absorbent, which is efficient and more environmentally friendly than the chemicals found in a standard HVAC system.  Water is the next ingredient that is used and acts as the refrigerant.  These two liquids work in conjunction to transfer heat and help to create a coolant by using what is normally wasted heat in a standard HVAC configuration.

The application of absorption chillers is as diverse as the variety of chillers themselves.  The chillers can be driven by a variety of “fuel sources” and are used in everything from large factories to commercial buildings looking for more cost effective and energy efficient plans.  In especially large facilities, absorption coolers can be used in conjunction with other current cooling equipment and can save owners money by acting as support equipment to an overall design.  Owners might also find that absorption coolers can provide virtually free cooling because of their ability to use waste heat, which can end up saving business owners a great deal of money.

Absorption coolers can’t be utilized in every application, but when they can it  means a tremendous energy and cost savings for the business owner.  In addition, absorption chillers are a time proven application that represent both an efficient use of energy and a technology that is good for the environment.  And with a combination like that you really can’t go wrong.