commercial cooling service in MOAmerican Services offers customizable preventative cooling maintenance in St. Louis County for many types of commercial establishments including; restaurants, hospitals, school, supermarkets, commercial offices, warehouse spaces, and more.

What many business owners may not be aware of is that fact that proper ventilation is the least expensive and most energy efficient methods of cooling buildings.  The way that proper ventilation works is that it prevents heat build-up in your office or commercial building.  Natural ventilation including spot ventilation, ceiling fans, or window fans may be the only method of cooling necessary, depending on your geographic location.  For some areas that cool off sufficiently at night, simply providing ventilation to open your commercial space up and allow the outside cooled air in, can keep the area sufficiently cool when the temperature rises during the day.

Even in very hot climates, “interior ventilation is ineffective in hot, humid climates where temperature swings between day and night are small. In these climates, natural ventilation of your attic (often required by building codes) will help to reduce your use of air conditioning, and attic fans may also prove beneficial,” says

There are 3 principals of ventilation for cooling that should be given attention when using this cost efficient method of cooling, including; keeping heat outside, using spot ventilation, and avoiding heat generating activities indoors when possible.

Landscaping the building to provide a lot of shade is another way of passively keeping commercial spaces cool without the need to reach in your pocket to pay huge energy bills.  Using light colored materials for the roof will also help to reduce heat in your building by reflecting it.  And last but not least, proper insulation will keep heat out during the day and trap the cool air from cool nights inside.