Checking Air Conditioner AmpsRefrigerant or Freon leaks associated with your commercial cooling system are a serious issue.  Re-filling the Freon is often expensive and doesn’t do anything to fix the actual problem.  Today, the American Services team presents a couple of the reasons why you might be experiencing a refrigerant leak.

Reason #1  Bad Installation – The first reason applies to those who have a newer unit and suspect a cooling issue.  One reason why your unit may be leaking refrigerant right out the gate is because the brazing on the system’s joints is incomplete.  The only way to get this issue under control is by calling a professional technician to assess and then repair the issues.  This type of problem can be avoided by hiring a professional contractor and not basing your choice off of the lowest priced bid.  You will pay more for quality, but you will also avoid unnecessary issues in the future.

Reason #2 Defect from the factory – While this one isn’t super common, factory defects area a possibility.  If you suspect this is true for the unit you own, contact your contractor and the manufacturer immediately.

Reason #3 Formic Acid – This acid is a powerful substance that can be found below ground.  It affects your cooling system when it begins to etch the cooper coil in your unit and will eventually cause cracks to form in your copper.  Leaks caused by formic acid will begin slow and get more intense over time requiring more and more Freon be added to the unit.

Reason #4 Accidental Puncture – It may not seem possible, but with the number of other lines running throughout your business, you may be experiencing an accidental puncture.

If you feel like your commercial cooling system near Kirkwood is leaking Freon, simply give the American Services team a call!  Our professional HVAC technicians will come out, assess the situation, and get you back on track in no time.  Here’s to a cool summer!