cooling maintenance in MOCooling maintenance begins with a basic understanding of the cooling system.  When the cooling system is turned on, electrical power is used to cool a gas in a coil to its liquid state.  Warm air is then cooled by coming in contact with the cooling coil.  The cooled air is channeled to the various rooms at your location through ducts and out registers.

Typically, cooling maintenance is very simple provided you have it done in a timely manner to avoid  problems with your cooling system.  There are several benefits of performing timely preventative maintenance tasks.  Through these tasks your cooling system will run more efficiently, the air quality will be greater, and potential problems can be caught before they turn into major problems.

Prior to beginning any maintenance tasks always ensure the power to the system is turned off.  The main disconnect must be tripped and there should be proper lock-out, tag-out notifications on the main disconnect.  Utilizing the manual provided with the system, locate the cooling maintenance section.  If you do not have the manual or one was not provided, contact the manufacturer and ask about cooling maintenance and preventative repair procedures for your cooling system.   Every system is different and although many of the procedures are similar, they are typically not identical.

Typical maintenance includes checking the thermostat settings, tightening all electrical connections, lubricating all moving parts, check and inspecting the drains, checking the controls of the system.  At least once per year you will want to clean the evaporator and condenser air conditioning coils, check the refrigerant level, and clean and adjust the blower components.  Most importantly, inspect, clean or change the air filters regularly.

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