heating equipment for commercial kitchens in MOAmerican Services heating and cooking equipment installation near Overland knows that for restaurant owners, keeping food hot is a must to maintain the flavor and safety is a number one priority.

The following guidelines will help restaurant owners ensure that they follow safety guidelines to ensure proper heating of prepared foods;

  • Stir foods and keep them covered to help evenly distribute the heat
  • Check temperature at least twice with a meat thermometer
  • Make sure food temperatures remain above 140 degrees Fahrenheit to keep bacteria at bay
  • Any food that has been kept at a temperature below 140 for two hours or more should be tossed
  • Only prepare the amount of food needed to ensure left overs don’t go bad

Commercial Good Heating Equipment

There are several types of heating equipment for commercial kitchens that have been designed to keep hot food hot.  Tips for safe heating of hot foods include;

  • It’s important to preheat any heating equipment before utilizing it for holding hot foods.  Placing hot foods in a cold heating receptacle could cause food to reach unsafe temperatures which could put the safety level of cooked foods at risk.
  • Keep in mind that different types of food require specific equipment in order to maintain the right temperature
  • Remember to stir food and keep it covered in order to evenly distribute and maintain proper heat levels.
  • Consider installing drawer warmers, overhead warmers, or merchandise cabinets in a self-serve food bar, while buffet style facilities may prefer to use chafing dishes and countertop warmers.
  • Delicatessen style food service businesses may want to consider using round warmers in the front of the restaurant and holding cabinets in the kitchen.