heating maintenance in Saint LouisAmerican Services is committed to helping business owners to save on heating expense.  Below are the remaining 6 tips for energy savings for commercial business owners;

7. Check and replace weather stripping on doors and windows.  Leaking air around faulty weather stripping on doors and windows contributes to increased heating expenses in interior spaces of your building. Check for drafts and be sure to repair and replace stripping when necessary.

8. By installing storm windows you create double pane window efficiency for reducing heat loss obviously these storm windows must be kept closed , Make a check of all your storm windows to assure you have closed them when cold weather arrives.
9. Operate your kitchen and bath vents minimally throughout the winter cost season. Bath and kitchen vents exhaust heated air and moisture to the outside. If your home is dry during the winter, you may not need to operate these vents at all. However if condensation appears on windows use your vents to remove cooking and bathing moisture being sure to turn them off when no longer needed.

10. Lower the thermostat set point on your water heater. Water temperatures above 145 degrees are not needed for most tasks, and drives up energy efficiency costs.

11.Install a water heater insulation kit. Older water heaters may not have adequate insulation, by installing one it will keep heat in.  Exercise caution and be sure to follow manufacturer’s recommendations and be sure not to cover the thermostat unit.

12. Monitor hot water usage regularly.  Reducing hot water usage is effective in reducing the cost of heating water.  Installing low flow plumbing fixtures and repairing leaky faucets and defective plumbing joints saves on water and water heating energy costs.

To learn more about cost effective heating systems in Missouri,  contact American Services heating installation in Missouri today, you won’t be disappointed.