heating services in MOAmerican Services commercial heating repair in Saint Louis is committed to helping business owners reduce heating costs.

Below are 12 ways heating industry contractors and experts have developed to reduce heating costs in commercial installations.

1. Reduce thermostat setting to 68 degrees. Cold weather or winter heating costs storm windows and doors will be closely related to interior temperature. Reducing your thermostat setting can save substantial energy savings and heating costs.

2. Drop temperature down at night and when the business is unoccupied.
Lowering the thermostat setting by 10 degrees at night or when the office is unoccupied can save up to 15% on heating costs. The furnace may have to run longer to bring temperatures back up, but the energy saved while the business was cooler offsets the extra run time to reheat your building.

3. Obtain an install a programmable thermostat.  Thermostats that are programmable provide the ability to lower the temperature at night and during the day, and still have the building warm when you arrive in the morning. Programmable thermostat prices have become more affordable and many can be found for less than $100.

4. Change furnace filter regularly.  Dirty clogged furnace filters lower the heat effiency by impeding proper air flow through your furnace and heating system.

5. Having your furnace cleaned and tuned helps assure a safe and efficient furnace, cleaning the blower and burners to assure maximum air flow and complete combustion is also required.

6. If possible open window blinds on the south side of your home during winter days and then close them at night. The angle of the sun is low in the winter allowing substantial solar type heating through all southern windows subsequently heating your building.  Clear all vegetation that may impede sunlight from shining through windows facing south. East, West and North does did not contribute to the winter heating effort.