heating installation in IlinoisOne of the key choices that contractors must determine is whether or not a heat pump is needed for clients in specific geographic areas. Temperatures and how far they range, can determine the right choice for heat pump installation.

One contractor in Oregon says his company is installing three heat pumps to every one air conditioner in retrofit application, this is a ratio runs about the same for new installs.

According to the same general manager two stage equipment is the choice used in his area because cooling and heating loads are different. Multistage equipment remedies these type of installs. However in upstate New York ambient temperatures determine that heat pumps are less than 5 percent of sales. The contractor who states this bases his findings on operational areas such as Rochester, Syracuse and Elmira NY. Across this area electric rates are fairly high when compared to other regions.

Another contractor states Rochester, NY is in the 13 to 14 cents per kilowatt hour. The same source mentioned there are some areas that have their own utility company, this shaves the kilowatt hour cost to under 10 cents. It works out well for these communities because most of their heating is with natural gas. The air conditioning season is fairly short as well.

The same upstate New York contractor says that it is not always the climate costs that can determine if owning a heat pump is the best option. Investment and operating costs must be considered.

Another contractor working out of Massachusetts claims heat pumps account for only one third of his business. He claims the economy has made it tougher for prospective clients to make the expensive investment in heat pumps.

The second cost to consider is the expense to operate the heat pump system. Depending on the region and type of fuel, savings from using a heat pump may offset the initial investment. In regions were natural gas is available in large supply there is not really a need for a home owner to purchase a heat pump. However in regions where alternate sources of energy sources are used, return on the investment of your commercial heat pump may be seen quickly.

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