baseboard heating in PAAmerican Services heating maintenance and repair in St. Louis knows that one alternative to commercial heating is Baseboard heating systems.

A Baseboard heating system can offer efficient heating solutions and requires very little space, operates efficiently and are simple to install.

The electric type baseboard heaters usually require from 500 watts to 2000 watts in power output. This is equivalent to 50 – 200 of square feet of space that can be heated. Using a room to room calculation method, Baseboard heating systems can be designed for commercial heating for businesses requiring additional heating solutions in small spaces such as hallways.

Baseboard heating applications can now be introduced using special baseboard heaters to commercial applications with new technology that is available.  Today commercial spaces such as hotel lobbies and even restaurants can consider baseboard heating as an option that can be customized to fit the space.

Heaters such as electric baseboard varieties work as “zone heaters.”  These are units that can be installed under windows in order to counteract cool air that creeps in through and around the glass.  They can ever be controlled individually through separate thermostats.

“These heating systems are constructed with heating elements surrounded by metal sheaths that are mated together with aluminum fins to facilitate the transfer of heat. They employ a process known as convection, in which cooler air in the room is drawn into the bottom of the heater. Air within the baseboard, element and housing all dispel heat,” says

If you are looking for alternatives in heating systems for your commercial space next winter, be sure to contact us at American Services located in St. Louis MO and set up a consultation for a quote to find out just how much you could potentially save.