CalculatorUnderstanding the heat loss you are experiencing can help in understanding issues you may have with improper insulation, old weather-stripping, and worn-out windows. These factors play into the efficiency of your commercial heating system and can cost you money.  Today, let’s take a look at how you can calculate how many BTU’s, or how much heat loss, you’re commercial building is experiencing.

First, you’ll need to do some measuring.  Get the length, width, and height of each room that you wish to calculate heat loss on.  You’ll need to get the surface area of the floor, ceiling, and the walls of each room in question.  Make sure you record these measurements and continue to record the calculations you make.  It’s also important to remember that more multipliers can be found by researching on the web.

Roof Heat Loss Equation 

  • Ceiling Area  X  Multiplier for Building Material Used  =  Heat Loss Through the Roof
  • Glass and Corrugated Asbestos has a multiplier of 5.7
  • Sheet Asbestos has a multiplier of 6.5
  • 25 mm wood has a multiplier of 5
  • 100 mm of concrete has a multiplier of 4

Walls Heat Loss Equation

  • Wall Area  X  Multiplier for Building Materials Used  =  Heat Lost Through the Walls
  •  140 mm insulation block has a multiplier of 1.1
  • Corrugated double cladding with 25 mm of fiberglass over polyethylene vapor barrier has a multiplier of 1.4

Floor Heat Loss Equation 

  • Floor Area  X  Multiplier for Building Material Used  =  Heat Lost Through the Floor
  • Earth Floor has a multiplier of 1.9
  • Concrete Floor has a multiplier of 0.7

To get the total BTU loss (per hour) for the building in question, you will need to do the calculations for all the rooms in your building and then add them together.

Effectively heating your commercial building may not seem as important now, since warmer months are upon us.  But doing a quick energy audit now can save you come Fall.  If you believe your commercial heating system near South County is in need of some updating, contact American Services for a free quote today!