commercial heating repair MOSolar energized heating systems are divided into two categories, passive and active. The passive solar heating method relies on building design to collect and store sunlight energy. Passive solar installations   maintain large, south-facing windows and thermal mass surfaces. Thermal mass is an absorptive material that can consist of tile, concrete, and even water has been effectively used.  The water collects and stores heat for later use (solar energy). This thermal mass material can be directly applied to flooring,  walls, and exterior roof surfaces. On the other end of the solar energy collection spectrum, active solar heating systems consist of several components including solar collectors, heat pumps, exchangers, storage tanks, and control systems designed to gather, transfer, and disburse heat throughout industrial facilities.   This is similar to the way a parabolic solar steam boiler would operate.

Active solar energy systems must have electricity to assist in transporting gathered heat from the solar collector throughout the installation heat system  Both passive and active alternative heating methods use a clean, continuous source of fuel to provide warm air and hot water to meet facility requirements. Harmful emissions are non-existent and significant monthly savings can be seen after implementation.

Geothermal commercial industry heating systems like solar energy systems make use of natural resources, using the Earth’s heat as a source of warmth for buildings. Based on the fact that  temperature of the Earth will always remain constant just below the surface, installing underground piping can be incorporated with a fluid to absorb the heat. This heat transferring fluid is then pumped into the facility where a heat exchanger extracts the warmth from the fluid, a fan then distributes the heat throughout the structure. Geothermal alternative heating methods are recommended by commercial heating contractors for their extremely quiet, safe, and efficient operation.  Installation ductwork already in place can be utilized making this an ideal system to incorporate into any facility with a minimum of installation costs. Similar to solar heat systems, the heat source for a geothermal heating system is unending, and is readily available at any given time.

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