commercial heating maintenance in MOAmerican Services commercial heating and cooling maintenance near University City knows that when it comes to commercial maintenance, whether you own a retail sales facility or an apartment building, efforts should be made to regularly check the heating and airflow systems to ensure they are working properly.

Your property maintenance manager in collaboration with a professional technician such as those at American Services, can ensure that a customizable preventative maintenance program is implemented and followed through properly.

Federal laws mandate that heating systems function properly to provide a safe and clean environment for tenants, employees, and customers of all commercial and industrial buildings.

Building owners and maintenance managers who opt to forgo regular maintenance on commercial heating and cooling systems can expect costly breakdowns that could impede the workflow of your industrial facility resulting in costly repairs and setbacks.  Those who choose to take the ball and run with it when it comes to maintenance and service checks of commercial HVAC systems will ensure cost savings and fewer headaches down the road.

In order to ensure a proper maintenance schedule on your commercial heating and cooling system you will need to check to see if systems are performing properly on a regular basis.

American Services can help you to integrate a maintenance plan on your HVAC system to make sure parts and components remain in proper working order.

Heating and Cooling Systems Checklist;

  • Replace of air filters regularly, which is normally every 3 months.
  • Inspect heating and cooling units for leaks frequently
  • Clean air-cooled condensers regularly to ensure the air is kept clean
  • Check safety controls and perform inspections on all control dials and switches
  • Make sure that digital panels are calibrated to the right settings