heating service in MissouriIn order to maintain a comfortable climate, most commercial buildings must pay out a significant amount in energy expenses each year. Reducing those expenses can be challenging for most commercial businesses, although the use of solar heating systems can offset some of this energy expense. There are some methods available for “reducing” the energy used by this system, helping recovery of some energy costs.

Air Filters Need Regular changing
the number one way to keep heating and air systems operating at peak.  A monthly changing of the air filters is recommended particularly during winter and summer months. These filters effectively prevent dust and other materials from building up throughout the duct system.

Give your commercial heating system a tune up annually. Professionals recommend that both commercial and residential structures have a certified HVAC technician such as American Services HVAC maintenance in Florissant give your heating system a complete physical tune up. This should include ductwork. These annual physical checkups by professional HVAC technicians will insure that commercial systems run smoothly and efficiently. These complete heating system evaluations will also help identify any potential hazards, or mechanical breakdowns, resulting in prevention of major repair costs down road.
Seal Ducting-Seal the furnace and cooling ducts in your building, this will prevent the treated air from escaping. Ducts move the warm air throughout your building; if cracks, holes, or deterioration are present warm air will escape leaving cold spots throughout your building. Sealing and insulating your ductwork can save as much as 20 percent of your monthly energy costs.
Install a programmable thermostat-controlling the temperature in your building on a consistent basis, even when no one is present is accomplished by the use of a programmable thermostat. In commercial settings keep the building cooler at night and warmer during the day.

In summary; your commercial heating and air systems need a regularly planned maintenance plan. Systems over 10 years of age should be evaluated for upgrades or installation of newer models. Your American Services technician can provide information and guidance in these maintenance matters. Remember newer models or system upgrades operate much more efficiently than systems built 10 years ago.