heating maintenance in MOAmerican Services commercial heating repair maintenance near Maryland Heights knows that keeping your business warm in the winter can cost thousands of dollars depending on the square footage of the space.  In addition, the heating systems themselves can be prohibitively expensive, so it is important to keep them properly maintained.

Regular maintenance on an industrial heating system serves a dual purpose; for one it allows the system to operate at the most efficient level and secondly, it can reduce overall operating expenses, specifically repair costs.  A qualified HVAC technician can take a look at your heating system and explain the recommended manufacturer maintenance schedule along with any specifics about your system.

One of the most important things to maintain is the air filter. Filters help the heating system to operate at maximum efficiency by removing particles from the air and preventing them from entering the system. The filters also serve to remove particles from the surrounding environment, giving employees clean air to breathe and a safer work environment.  Also keep in mind, dirty and clogged filters can reduce heating system efficiency by 20% or more, so changing out filters will actually save you money.

Aside from the filters a technician should inspect all connections, fans, motors and run diagnostics to insure that the system is running at optimum levels.  Businesses should schedule regular maintenance to be done quarterly so the heating system is always in peak condition.  It is especially important to inspect all safety systems so CO2, gas leaks or other hazards are avoided. 

Heating systems require regular maintenance just like a car does, and staying ahead on maintenance will reward owners with an efficient heating system that will last for years to come.