heating service in MOAmerican Services industrial heating systems near Creve Couer knows that today’s hospital environment requires HVAC heating systems to provide excellent ventilation effectiveness in order to maintain appropriate indoor air quality, prevent the spread of infection, preserve a sterile and healing environment for patients and staff and to maintain space and comfort conditions.

These requirements lead to system design which provides significant quantities of total ventilation of indoor and outdoor air. Additionally, significant treatment of the ventilated air is required. Trends in air quality improvement indicate that future systems may be required to respond to infection control, and the high level of air quality expected in this industry.

When designing a commercial HVAC heating system there are some benchmarks that have been identified by experts in the field. Such benchmarks include air quality, ventilation requirements, room pressure relationships, temperature and humidity designs, as well as filtration practices and the implementation of redundancy systems to name a few.

In addition to the stringent HVAC heating system requirements, the impact of the HVAC heating system on the consumption of energy resources must be considered as well. A full-service facility with around 300,000 square feet will have an annual energy usage of around 250,000 BTUs per square foot per year at an annual cost of around $800,000. When designing a commercial heating system, selecting a unit with a higher efficiency rating can greatly reduce the operating costs.

It is common practice for hospitals to reduce the total airflow rates during unoccupied periods. The result is a significant energy savings. The key component to this energy conservative concept is that most areas in a healthcare facility are not occupied 24 hours a day.

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