Heating Services in St. LouisAmerican Services commercial heating installation in Sunset Hills knows that facility executives and maintenance managers everywhere realize that water heaters are an extremely critical part of building operations.

The average life span of commercial water heaters is between 4 to 8 years depending on water quality and its environment. Experience proves that some owners overlook their commercial water heater and connecting systems until they need repair. Fortunately the majority of “general maintenance” issues have relatively easy solutions that can provide lower maintenance costs and improve longevity.

The problems most often encountered by water heating systems are a lack of proper air circulation and negligence. Developing awareness and researching your particular water heater’s characteristics is the best step in avoiding future problems.

Incorrectly diagnosing your water heater’s performance is a common occurrence, one example is when owners believe that mixing and crossing water lines is the cause of malfunctions.

Commercial water heaters come in a myriad of sizes and shapes and some can be intimidating, this is the number one reason maintenance staff and facility executives are reluctant to familiarize themselves with the appliance and its connecting systems. Breaking down your water heating system and identifying the role each component plays is important in understanding how your commercial water heater system functions.

Some of these components include:
– Standing pilot
– Electronic ignition
– Boiler and storage tanks
– High efficiency heater units
– Tankless water heaters

Facility managers should know the location, model and serial number of gas or electric water heating system components, and how to reset each system. Contact information for a certified technician or service, such as American Services heating intallation and repair service located in St. Louis, should be kept on hand.