Deferred maintenance can have disastrous effects for your business.  The longer you operate a machine that needs maintenance the more it is going to cost to fix it.  Now I understand some of think, well maybe at most it will be twice as much to fix it.  Well you could be very, very wrong. You are not adding in all the costs.  Let me explain how this domino effect can cost your company thousands and how a simple preventative maintenance plan can keep these costs at bay.

It’s not just the machine that suffers during a breakdown event.  Think if your heating system would have gone down during the polar vortex this month.  Pipes could have frozen and broke.  Now you need to pay a plumber and probably another contractor for the water damage.  Not to mention idled workers salaries, ruined equipment, loss of production, angry customers and the bottom dollar in profits. A $100 part and a service fee could have saved you 10 grand or more.

An analogy for preventive maintenance that I have always used is your vehicles tires.  You should have them rotated regularly depending on how much you drive.  While they are being rotated, the tire technician is checking for irregularities in the tire.  You may have a slow leak and not even know it.  This could have turned into a blowout on the interstate and caused you to have a wreck and possible injury to yourself and those around you.  So a simple $45- $50 tire maintenance just turned into a totaled car and a lawsuit from the lady you hit. It could go into the millions.

Even if you have a person who works for your company as your dedicated maintenance person for the business.  They often put the work off because they are busy doing other things.  Your St. Louis County heating and HVAC contractor will make sure the work gets done throughout the year.  They are also specialist in this field and are constantly learning new techniques to make your system run smoother and more efficient.