commercial heating in MOAmerican Services Heating installation in Chesterfield MO knows that the latest advance in commercial heating installation is called condensing technology. This new technology helps bring significant cost savings by reducing your fuel consumption rate. One of the basic principles of this relatively new technology is acheived by capturing the energy which would otherwise be wasted through the flue in a conventional system.

Cost savings occurs by cooling hot flue gases in the heat exchanger, the water vapor is condensed releasing the latent heat and delivering a net calorific value (NCV) efficiency of up to 110%.  When you compare this to conventional gas-fired systems, savings of up to 15 percent can be realized, for oil systems the savings is up to 10 percent.

This condensation only occurs when the return temperature is below the dew point of the flue gases (about 56 degrees C), the benefits of the condensing boiler are developed from having the lowest possible return and flue temperatures.

The efficiency of the heat exchanger combined with low return temperature and modulating operation are the key factors in creating the most energy efficient and most economical heating system.

By keeping your boiler operating in the condensing mode for longer periods of time, there is a greater the fuel savings potential. The savings is achievable on new heating installations where the entire system is designed to maximize the benefits of condensing technology. Return temperature is in determining if the installation of a condensing boiler is an economical option, therefore new systems should be designed accordingly.

Existing systems should also be taken into consideration.  Simply replacing an old boiler with the new more efficient condensing model is not the answer.  In many cases the design parameters of an existing system are based around a constant 80/60 degree C. The newer condensing replacement unit cannot operate at this temperature.

Commercial heating system design is now more versatile than ever.  Commercial heating systems can be designed for virtually every commercial or industrial application.