Did you know that the efficiency of your furnace in a heating and cooling environment depends upon not only the type of furnace you choose but also on correct sizing?  No matter what a furnace is rated at from an efficiency perspective, if you are incorrect in matching the size with the space, you will blow it.  In fact, finding the right St Louis Heating Installation near Ladue means you will have a better chance of getting the correct size and service you need for your St Louis Heating needs.  “Before installing your new furnace, your technician should follow the Air Conditioning Contractors of America’s Manual to determine your home’s heating and cooling load in order to accurately size your systems.”

Moving onto AC, it is also important to keep cool with the right air conditioner in the heating and cooling realm in St Louis near Ladue MO.  “Finding an efficient, high-performance cooling system is a critical part of choosing a new HVAC system in our area. To find an air conditioner like this, it helps to know the basics of how this equipment works.”  Just like the time we took to discuss heating solutions on behalf of your St Louis Heating Sales near Ladue, we will spend equal time covering the air conditioners in the cooling department.

“Air conditioners cool using a fluid called refrigerant, which circulates through the system. As the refrigerant passes through the indoor evaporator coil, it absorbs heat from the air and also removes moisture. The cool, dehumidified air is blown into the ducts. The hot refrigerant moves to the outdoor condenser coil to get rid of the heat it picked up.”  Next up is the discussion related to efficiency in cooling in the St Louis market.