HVAC Heating installation in MOEnergy expenses for many warehouses and distribution facilities are regularly as high as 10% of total cost for firms. The United Stated department of Energy estimates that these facilities account for around 8% of this country’s total energy usage in a given year. Heating, along with lighting, are one and two in terms of warehouse energy costs. These two categories account for 64% of overall warehouse energy consumption, according to Cambridge Energy Inc. 

With lighting, it is a little more straightforward regarding how to be conservative. Energy efficient bulbs and light timers can go a long way to saving money in this area. Heating and ventilation energy conservation can be a little trickier and often requires more thought and planning. Installing today’s most modern and efficient gas or electric heating equipment can have you up to 70% per year, when you factor in utility, operational and maintenance savings.

For facility heating, use high efficiency condensing furnaces and unit heaters. A furnace on the inside of the building, potentially suspended from the ceiling to save on space, is going to work better for you than a non-condensing outdoor furnace. Varying space conditioning temperatures and ventilation rates according to warehouse occupancy rates is an important part of the energy conservation process as well. Running programmable thermostats with time clocks, setbacks and demand control ventilation is another part of the puzzle.

Whether you are involved in building a new warehouse, upgrading an existing location, or attempting to green up your operation replacing worn out machinery and putting in the proper kind of warehouse equipment is vital. American Services offers advice and assistance regarding industrial HVAC heating near St. Louis County and would be happy to help any and all interested parties.