furnace repair in MOAmerican Services heating repair service in Missouri knows that during those cold winter months it is always a comfort to know that your furnace is keeping you warm. When properly maintained, your furnace will last a long time but without performing preventative maintenance tasks on a regular basis your system will prematurely fail.

Each month the heating system filters should be checked to see if they need replacement or cleaning. This is the simplest method of ensuring your system is operating at peak efficiency. A clogged filter will cause the system to be overworked. The burners should be checked to see if there is complete combustion. A clogged burner will need to be cleaned to ensure there is a full flame. Ignition components should also be checked. Older heating systems may have a continual burning pilot light where as newer systems may have an electronic ignition. The burner compartment and draft hood should be cleaned as debris and buildup can lead to potential problems. The flame sensing rod should also be cleaned.

There is also electronic considerations that must be checked on an annual basis for your heating system. The blower motor amp draw should be checked as well as the safety controls and thermostat. It is always good practice to replace the thermostat batteries once a year. Other considerations include cleaning the condensate drains, flushing the condensate pump and checking the bearings on the blower motor.
Many of the preventative maintenance tasks can be performed by the system owner where as some of the checks on the more integral components should be checked by a licensed technician to ensure safety.