tipsSo, we have been looking at the different factors to consider when choosing your next heating and cooling solution in your home in St Louis near Creve Coeur MO.  The fact is, there are several things to be considered before settling in on one that you think will work best.  Efficiency is a definite topic of interest and to look at this well, when searching for your St Louis Heating install near Creve Coeur, you will want to examine the different types of stages, so we will describe them in the following write up.

Single-stage is indicative of older furnaces that often have motors with only one speed setting and that is high. These motors run at maximum capacity no matter how much or little heating you need. Because maintaining a stable indoor temperature rarely requires the furnace to work at full blast, a lot of energy goes to waste in this type of a set-up.  Unfortunately, people often settle for this style heating in St Louis near Creve Coeur because the initial cost is lower.

Then, we have a two stage motor option which is one where the motor can run on a high and a low speed setting. Because the low setting is usually enough to keep your temperature stable, this motor can save you energy by most often running at a slower speed. It kicks into high only when your heating demand is great enough to require a large amount of warm air quickly in order to reach the desired temperature in your home.  Your St Louis Heating Sales near Creve Coeur recommends this style over the single stage heating.

Modulating or variable-speed is the third type furnace to discuss.  A variable-speed motor isn’t restricted to specific settings, but it can run at any speed within a set range. This allows it to choose the precise speed that’s most efficient for the given heating demand. According to sources online, “You’ll enjoy optimal energy efficiency along with a more stable and even temperature.”