industrial heating service in MOIn most cases heat pumps are used to heat and cool spaces.  However, in other instances they can be used to heat up water as well. Heat pumps can just heat the water or can be used to heat and cool spaces in tandem. Heat pumps use electricity to displace heat, rather than generating heat directly. For this reason, they can often be a good, efficient option for temperature control and for water heating.

A stand-alone heat pump water heater extracts warmth from the surrounding air and displaces it at a higher temperature into a reservoir where the water is then heated. Heat pump water heaters require setup in spaces that stay in the 40 to 90 degree Fahrenheit range. Furthermore, at least 1,000 cubic feet of air space is required for the pump to work properly. Beyond that, heat pumps will not function well in cold spaces, as they tend to cool when they operate already. Installing a combination heating, cooling and water heating system would mean pulling heat indoors from the outside in the winter and from the indoor air in the summer. That being said, any air-source heat pump system works better in a warmer climate.

Geothermal heat pumps pull up heat from the ground in the winter and from air inside during summer months, for heating and cooling. In order to heat water, a desuperheater can be used along with the geothermal heat pump. This device is a small heat exchanger that pulls superheated gases from the heat pump compressor to heat water. The water then gets stored in a water heater storage tank for usage on demand. To get more information or assistance with heating installation near Sunset Hills contact American Services