heating services in MissouriAmerican Services Heating Installation in St. Louis knows that heat pumps for heating and cooling buildings are separated into four main categories depending on the operation being utilized.  These four categories include;

  • Heating-only heat pumps, providing space heating and/or water heating.
  • Heating and cooling heat pumps capable of providing both space heating and cooling. Probably the most common type is the reversible air to air heat pump, capable of operating in heating or cooling mode. Commercial/ institutional applications require a much larger heat pump that incorporates water loops (hydronic) for heat and cold distribution that is capable of providing heating and cooling operations simultaneously.
  • Integrated heat pump systems, providing space heating, cooling and water heating, also capable of recovering exhaust air heat.
    Water heating can be achieved by desuperheating only, or by  desuperheating and condenser heating. The latter process allows water heating when space heating or cooling is not required.
  • Heat pump water heaters which are fully dedicated to water heating. This process most often utilizes air taken from the immediate environment as a heat source. Other options are: exhaust-air heat pumps, or desuperheaters on air to air and water to air heat pumps.

Heat pumps can be obtained in both monovalent and bivalent functions where monovalent heat pumps meet the annual heating and cooling demand without assistance from other heating alternatives.  While bivalent heat pumps are calibrated for 20-60 percent of the maximum heat load and meet around 50 to 95 percent of the annual meeting demand. In larger buildings the heat pump maybe used in tandem with a cogeneration or alternative system that compliments the heating and cooling requirements.

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