greenWhen discussing efficiency, we know Heating and cooling in St Louis near Fairview Heights IL has much to share in the way of high end and late breaking technology.  We decided that we ought to research and share some details about efficient heating and cooling in St Louis on behalf of your Heating Installation near Fairview Heights IL.  Some of the latest news worth sharing, comes from the US coast.  “Santa Clara University is not only a pantheon of learning in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, but it’s also a temple of green technology.”

In April 2011, just seven short years ago, the university managed to install 60 rooftop solar collectors to heat and cool its student center. Engineers designed the large-scale array to run the building’s hot water and air conditioning units and to gain green status, both in name and in energy savings.  As you can imagine, the system is very efficient.

How does it work and what are the results of this heating and cooling example in California, as found in the research done for your St Louis Heating sales near Fairview Heights IL?  “The solar collectors grab the sun’s rays and concentrate their captured energy, heating the building’s water to 200 degrees. University officials expect the system to reduce the building’s natural gas consumption by 70 percent each year and eliminate 34 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.”

The fact that they did this seven years ago and that many other Universities have followed suit in the desire to gain more green efficiencies, means that things will continue to go in the direction of more efficient heating and cooling methods abroad.  The cost is a factor in gaining all that we need to “go green”, but that will eventually change, or so the experts think.  In the meantime, stay tuned to your St. Louis Heating and Cooling Sales and Service near Fairview Heights IL for more details