boiler roomWe are examining a variety of ways in which to heat your home, on behalf of your St Louis Heating Installation near Ladue MO.  As many would agree, air quality is often an issue that homeowners overlook when planning their heating and air conditioning systems. Comfort, fuel-efficiency, and cost are often the factors that take top priority and though they are not to be discounted, it would be wise to factor in the air quality in your St Louis Heating near Ladue as well.  When looking at differences in Heating options for your home or office, it is also overlooked by many that there are more choices than just the type of fuel that a system uses. The above are both factors for consideration when deciding upon which heating style best suites your home in St Louis near Ladue MO.

There are other things to be considered as well as energy efficiency and type of fuel being used, according to your St Louis Heating Repair near Ladue.  “There are also differences in the heating and distribution processes. The right choice in a heating system for your home will improve comfort and even help keep you and your family healthier.”  So, that leads us to deciding between different heating styles.

Let’s finish up by contemplating the differences in furnaces and boilers.  According to our research done on behalf of your St Louis Heating and Cooling Sales near Ladue, “Both furnaces and boilers rely on gas or oil to create heat but their method of delivery varies a great deal.” A furnace heats air and then blows it into ductwork that runs throughout your home; this is the most common existing method of heating in St Louis homes. In this system, air is blown out of registers or diffusers, creating warmer areas in some spots. “The hot air rises to the ceiling and remains there once the furnace is no longer blowing.”  In the next post, we will pick up on the differences in this style and the use of boilers.