If this polar vortex has taught us anything, it’s that this part of the country can get really, really cold.  Also with this epic storm, we learned the true value of a properly working heating system.  Like the plumbing industry that had its hands full with bursting pipes, the HVAC industry had its hands full with heaters failing. Even in a cold system of this magnitude proper maintenance could have saved many time, money, and comfort. Your Belleville area heating specialist will be able to tell you what system will work best for you.

If you have building that has concrete flooring, your feet were probably a little colder this week too.  A type of heating system that is often overlooked in our area is radiant heating. Radiant heating has been around for years and is very common in Europe.  There are many misconceptions about radiant heating.  Many think that it is a luxury that they cannot afford and that it is new technology that has not been tested here in the US.  Both of these are false.

One misconception is that it that this heating system only warms the floors.  Heat rises naturally from the floors up and makes for a more consistent temperature throughout the building. The other widely misconception is that it is too expensive. In most cases it can be installed for a cost that is close to that of traditional heating systems. Especially in new businesses that you are pouring a concrete floors where the additional cost of integrating piping is not as significant.

One great thing about radiant heat is that it is quiet.  There are no air blowers to circulate the warm air so no noise. Because the temperature is so even throughout the whole building, it is much more comfortable for everyone.  Radiant heat is also very efficient and requires little maintenance. Also these pumps are reversible, so in summer, you can air conditioning through air handlers using cold water instead of heated water.