autonomous drivingWe have been spending a good amount of time studying the impact that autonomous cars will have on various aspects of the heating and cooling industry.  On behalf of your St Louis Heating installation and sales near University City MO, we are now looking at how these self driving cars can affect the mindset and abilities of the drivers who are no longer driving.  Installers and service techs, for example, can now arrive from one job site to the next with more rest.  The can also get more accomplished from one service to the next by using their time to complete extra training online while in transit.

“You have subcategories, like deliveries, pickups of material, taking kids to soccer practice, and things like that,” Kyle said. “Then, you have big picture business items. Start imagining how much time that frees up for a service company. Trademasters is a large service company, so we have vehicles zipping around all of the metro area. That’s a lot of windshield time. [Having autonomous vehicles means] we can turn a portion of that time into having a well-rested individual when they arrive at the job site. They could also be turning windshield time into screen time, meaning employees could take safety training or complete modules of an equipment manufacturer’s training program rather than drive.”

The heating and cooling industry as well as many others with drive time taking place, will be paying their employees to travel from one stop to the next, so why not pay them to train, or complete other aspects of the job instead, while they are in transit?  “Employees are certainly in your employ when they are in between job sites, so you need to pay them,” he continued. “Why not pay them and train them at the same time? If you were to gain two to 10 hours a week of training and professional time for your employees, what a huge difference that would make for our industry.”