heating maintenance in MOAmerican Services preventative heating maintenance service in St. Louis MO knows that there are some electric companies that bill rates that vary depending on when the demand is the highest-similar to the phone company’s long distance rates.  If your business is in a district that does so, it may be advantageous to try to reduce your electric bill by purchasing an electric storage system to store electricity at night when the rates are lower.

The program is called the “thermal storage Heater,” and it does not save on energy but rather will lower your company’s overall utility bills by saving up electricity at its lowers rate and then utilizing this saved energy later during peak rates.

The most common type of electric thermal storage heater is a “resistance heater” with encased elements in “heat storing ceramic.” Electrically heated hot water can also be stored in an insulated storage tank as yet another type of thermal storage option.

According to Gov.com, “any type of energy storage systems suffers some energy loss. If you intend to pursue an electric thermal storage system, it would be best for the system to be located within the conditioned space of your home, so that any heat lost from the system actually heats your home, rather than escaping to the outdoors. It would also be best to know how quickly heat will escape from the system. A system that leaks too much heat could cause control problems, such as the accidental overheating,” of your office or commercial building.

All types of electric resistance heating have controlling systems with a thermostat of some sort.  For example, baseboard heaters use a “line-voltage thermostat” which directly controls the power going to the heating unit.  These systems are not very accurate as far as heat temperature sensing. According to Gov.com, “It’s best to instead use a remote line-voltage or low-voltage thermostat installed on an interior wall. Both line-voltage and low-voltage thermostats are available as programmable thermostats for automatically setting back the temperature at night or while you’re away.”

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