heat pumps in MissouriAmerican Services heating repair in Saint Louis installs heat pumps, dual-fuel heat pumps, and geothermal heat pumps. The most commonly used heating system is the air source heat pump and is designed in two basic styles. The first style is the packaged heat pump which is a self-contained unit that allows the compressor and both heat exchangers to be located outside. The second style of air source heat pump is the split system heat pump which is the most common of the air source systems. With the split system, the indoor air-handling unit ad heat exchanger are separate from the compressor and the outdoor exchanger. This allows for more flexibility with where the units are installed. These units will use ductwork to distribute the conditioned air.

Dual-fuel heat pumps use an electric heat pump partnered with a gas furnace. Dual-fuel heat pumps are best suited for climates that have warm summers and cold winters. Geothermal heat pumps operate like air-to-air heat pumps, however, they move heat rather than create heat. This system will use the ground or water to absorb or dissipate heat. Geothermal systems are quickly becoming the choice of green builders and home owners that are attempting to reduce their energy bills as much as possible. These systems can be installed in new construction as well as retrofitted with existing construction.