St. Louis is very old city.  In fact it’s getting ready to celebrate its 250th birthday.  With an old city comes old buildings.  Many of which are on the National Register of Historic Places and are considered national land marks.  There are over 1.4 million buildings on NRHP list and it receives 30,000 entries per year.  To be considered for this list the building has to be: recognized as the site of an historic event, associated with a famous person, designed or built in a distinctive way, or yielded important historic or prehistoric information and usually be over 50 years old.  I say usually because there are some exceptions.

If you are the owner of one of these buildings, I am sure you want to preserve the buildings integrity anyway you can, but you also want to modernize it with more efficiency. Well there is good news.  Your South County heating and air conditioning team are here to help you keep the physical uniqueness of your building while making it into a building with modern conveniences and lower energy costs.

Many of these buildings were built before modern HVAC systems were even dreamed of.  Architects of the past were pretty creative using natural materials to keep heat in during the winter and ways to stay cooler in the summer by getting the heat out.  As the years went by and we learned new technology, many of these building were fitted with mechanical systems trying to bring them up to standards of the newer constructions surrounding them.

Many of the HVAC systems are now obsolete.  They are in need of replacement.  Most of the time the cost of savings far out ways the cost of continuing to put Band-Aids on the problems.  Fact of the matter is older systems just aren’t as efficient as the ones today.  They also require a lot more maintenance and repairs.  So talk to your local St. Louis HVAC professionals and see what they can do for you all while maintaining the integrity of your historic building.