commercial heating services in MissouriAmerican Services Heating systems installation in Wentzville knows that geothermal heating systems work in a very unique way to “naturally” provide a heat source to commercial buildings or other environments. The earth stores heat within it. In fact, it maintains that heat at about 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a stable figure, meaning it is completely renewable when it is tapped into, and it is a natural source, there are no chemicals or side effects from using this type of heat source. Yet it is powerful and plentiful enough to heat an entire building without furnaces or boilers.

In order to utilize the geothermal heat that is underground, scientists have found that they can literally pump it out with the use of a geothermal heating system. A heat pump is used.

It is a ¬†mechanical device that transfers the heat from one place to the next. In this scenario it’s as simple as pulling up the heat from the Earth’s soil and then transferring it directly into the building installation. The heat is transferred by using a network of tubes throughout the building connecting to the heat source. These tubes are called closed loops and are filled with a liquid such as a refrigerant, water, ¬†or occasionally antifreeze. The liquid that is within these tubes will travel into the ground, absorb the earth’s natural heat source and then it is recirculated through the system back into the building. The heat is then released from the liquid element and is transferred into the building. In this continuous circuit the liquid element then travels back down to the earth’s heat source and the process just keeps repeating itself. This loop system allows for geothermal heating systems to provide a constant flow of heat to the buildings.

Heat That Cools

Not only can geothermal heating systems provide heat to a building, but it can actually cool the area off as well. The system is quite the same in that the same loop is used, only this time it is in reverse. The valves within the system allow it to be switched to cool instead of to heat. Now the heat from the building is absorbed through the tubes containing the very same liquid elements and cycled out of the building. During the summer months this allows for an additional benefit because the earth does not need to be heated and there is still a large amount of heat in the liquid, Energy can be tapped into in order to have it heat the water for the building. This eliminates the need for a hot water tank or heater operations which saves significant energy efficiency and utility costs.