Commercial Heating Near FlorissantHave you noticed a difference in the overall heating quality around your business lately?  If so, a faulty thermostat may be to blame.  Today, the Florissant area heating repair experts at American Services will go over the basics of your thermostat and how it’s misfunction can cause heating issues within your business location.

Most understand that thermostats are wall-mounted control panels that manage both your heating and cooling units.  These days, the majority of thermostat units are programmable, to some level, and many can even be controlled by your wireless device via Wi-Fi signal.  But how does your thermostat know if you are in need of more heat?  According to the editors at, “A thermostat uses a strip made of two different types of metal that can sense any temperature changes that occur in a room. The metal will expand and grow with the changes at separate rates individually. These rates are then measured to find the right omen that turns on the heat or shuts it off. A mercury switch is located on the end of the coiled stripe with a temperature adjustment lever sitting in the center. The switch gets tipped when the lever winds the coil to a particular level and the heating process begins. Likewise, the heating process stops when the strip unwinds and causes the level to trip back.”  It is also noted that most units have a heat anticipator that shuts your heat off prior to when your room hits the desired temperature setting.  The unit then uses the heat already located in the ducts to warm your room to the set temperature, without exceeding it.

As you can see, there are a number of components that can misfunction and cause your thermostat to work improperly.  If you suspect this to be the case with your current thermostat, you should consider calling in a professional for help.  A trained HVACR technician can recommend a thermostat unit that will fit your needs and possibly save you money with the latest energy saving features.  Don’t worry with a faulty thermostat any longer!  Start saving money with a new Wi-Fi programmable thermostat today!