heating service in MOAmerican Services heating installation in St. Louis knows that hydronic heating systems, better known as forced hot water heating, are widely used in commercial installation structures today. These heating systems use water as a means of conveying and transmitting the heat to all locations in the structure that require heat. Hydonic systems are based either on gravity flow or forced circulation.

The source used to heat the water may include natural gas, oil, electricity or solid fuel. Basically the system works like this; the water is heated in a boiler or water heater, and then pushed through pipes to convectors or radiators located throughout the structure.

With the use of a centrally located thermostat temperature can be controlled throughout your structure rooms. When the thermostat calls for heat the boiler heats the water and sends it to the room convectors or radiant heating panels where it is released and distributed in the room by natural convection.

In a larger commercial building heat systems are supplied with individual thermostats that control temperature in each zone.

Advantages of Hydronic heating systems include:
– Easy zoning.
– Quite operation and comfortable humidity levels.
– Energy efficient.
– Hot water heating system that provides uniform and comfortable heat without problems of air     pockets or air stratification.
– Hot water heating system that is more flexible than low pressure steam systems.

Disadvantages of hydronic heating systems:
– Condensation in some hydraulic cooling systems.
– Possibility of stagnant air caused by lack of ventilation.
– Baseboard convectors may interfere with furniture placement.
– Slower heat response.

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