hydronicLooking for the best means of heating and cooling your home in St Louis near St Charles MO brings us to a discussion regarding your health as it pertains to air quality. Using hydroponic heat can avoid certain health risks.  “Even short-term exposure to dust, allergens, and other contaminants can irritate existing cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses. They can make it more difficult to breathe, putting more stress on your heart and lungs.”

There are greater risks associated with long term exposure to these contaminants that can damage cells and prematurely age the lungs. People who are healthy may develop respiratory conditions like asthma, emphysema, or bronchitis when air quality is poor. The pollutants that are blowing around your home can even put you at risk for some types of cancer, so you can see why you may want to take the time to research more closely just what you use in your heating and cooling environment at home.

When it comes to air quality in your HVAC, your St Louis Heating and cooling sales near St Charles, MO has found to pay special consideration to children, seniors, and people of any age who already have respiratory or cardiovascular disease and/or a weakened immune system.  According to our heating and cooling research, these are at the greatest risk of illness due to poor air quality in the home. This risk is completely eliminated with a hydronic system. According to your St Louis Heating Sales near St Charles MO, the “Hydronic heating doesn’t blow allergens and contaminants around your house or give them a place to hide in the ductwork.”  Just remember this, there is really no trade-off between healthier air and a more comfortable living space. It would be great to consider the differences found in our St Louis heating and cooling research and decide for yourself on which method of heating delivery works best for you.