industrial boiler in MOIn commercial heating applications you have a couple of basic choices; boilers or a furnace.  Boilers can make an excellent heating choice and can often be very affordable.  So how do you know if a boiler is the right choice for your particular space? 

Boilers are used throughout the US and actually account for heating 32 percent of all commercial floor space.  So even though you might not have come across them, boilers are a very common solution to industrial heating needs.  The basic concept behind a boiler is that water is fed via tubes into a large cylindrical tank that is fueled by gas and heats the water.  Waste water is pushed out through another tube and gases and steam are released through flues and vents.  The steam that is produced can be used to heat a building by channeling that steam through a vent system.  Some of the steam is held back in the boiler, so as not to overheat a space.

Boilers are extremely efficient, but there are some ways to make them even more efficient and cost effective.  More than one boiler can be installed, which gives you a boiler system with built in redundancy.  Having more than one boiler can save money by reducing down time and keeping the ambient temperature at a comfortable level.  Another way to increase the efficiency of the system is to wrap all the water pipes so they are insulated and retain as much heat as possible.  Temperature controls can also be installed that allows the system to monitor the outdoor temperature and adjust the boiler temperature accordingly.  That way you can adjust inside temperatures to reflect what is happening outdoors.  If you have a very large installation a slack economizer can be installed to help reduce costs.  What this does is capture the heat from the exhaust gases and then uses it to heat the feed water for the boiler, which helps to reduce the energy used by the boiler to heat the water.

Boilers have been around for decades and are used in installations throughout the United States.  Boilers do require a knowledgeable maintenance staff to adjust and maintain proper boiler pressure, keep feed water clean, and check all fittings for leaks.  Boilers can be a smart choice for a variety of applications and because of their flexibility, can be customized to your specific location.

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