industrial heating in MOAmerican Services industrial heating installation near Fenton knows that when designing industrial heating systems, the equipment is often difficult to select because the environment has many variables not found in office or institutional buildings. One such variable is that there may be heavy traffic in and out of the building by trucks or conveyors. Perhaps the operation requires work that generates large quantities of heat, such as welding. Even extremely high roofs or high doorways will cause difficulties in attaining constant environmental control.

A common option for industrial heating applications is the use of unit heaters which will allow for zone control. Unit heaters are self-contained heating devices fueled by either gas, oil, electricity, steam or hot water. Each unit will have a heat exchanger and an air moving fan or blower to deliver heated air to the zone. These systems are individually suspended over the area to be heated and are typically be secured to structural members due to the weight. Each style of unit will have requirements on maximum mounting heights.

Another widely used industrial heating system is infrared heating systems. These systems are designed specifically for buildings that have doors which are continuously open to the outdoors. Additional applications are for drying the space or for providing heat needed to temper or dry in-process materials. Often industrial operations will spot heat specific locations with a cluster of heaters, such as doorways.

An alternative to clustering heating systems in an open doorway is through the use of a door air curtain. This system, creates a high velocity wall of air that passes across the door opening. This wall can prevent the entrance of outside air up to 15 miles per hour.