retirement industry heating service in MOAmerican Services serves many industries for heating maintenance and repair in MO such as the retirement industry.  One of the most expensive costs for a retirement community is the heating of water.  Residents, kitchen staff, normal staff and visitors can use large quantities of heated water on any given day and for management staff that means money is literally going down the drain. 

One option for retirement communities looking to save on water heating expenses is to install a solar heating system.  This solution may not work for every geographic location, but even in colder areas there are systems that can be weather-proofed and installed.  For regions that have sun almost all year around, solar heating can be the perfect solution and a cost effective way to maintain hot water supplies 

The concept of solar water heaters is fairly simple.  A photovoltaic cell or a series of them is placed on a roof or high area in order to collect the necessary solar energy.  The panel heats the fluid that is either pumped actively or is passively driven through the system through a convection process.  These two methods are the basic systems; active and passive, and both have there advantages and disadvantages.

The water is stored in a tank that can then send the water throughout any area of the building as it’s needed.  Passive systems require the least amount of equipment and are the easiest to set up, while active systems require an electrical pump in order to move the water through the system.  The choice will often depend on the climate and the building size and configuration.

Solar energy can be a very cost effective solution and offers an endless and consistent supply of energy.  While the expense up front can be daunting, the eventual return on your investment is often worth the initial outlay.  The best way to figure out if this system will work for you is to call a well regarded installation company and an engineer that is familiar with this type of installation.  Not only will you be saving money, but Mother Nature might just smile down on you a  little as well.